My entire library of mixes have been added!

You can find a list of them at the home page:


I’m still working on updating the look and feel of this website.  WordPress is pretty nice in how easy and quick it is to use, yet I am battling against the simplicity of it as I try to improve the navigation and the actual content of the webpages.


So in the meantime, just go to the home page (click on the “Helix” at the top) and choose the mix you are interested in from the list on the left sidebar.



2 thoughts on “My entire library of mixes have been added!

  1. Very kool helix…… My daughter gives me a hard time on how I spell cool but this is kool man…. Thanks, keep it coming..

  2. Just listened to Solunar mix on DI Psychill. Loved it! Now following on Mixcloud and planning to hear all I can of your work. Thanks,,,,,

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