4 comments on “Sanskara – 5/1/2014

  1. I found satya yuga on di.fm and im loving it! The only issue is I cant find it anywhere! Its on mixcloud but it said its unavailable in my country!

    • Yes, Mixcloud has blacklisted a bunch of my mixes in certain countries (including the US) because I included multiple tracks from the same artist in my tracklistings! Weak!

      You can download the mp3 right here though. Right click on “Download” and save to your device. Enjoy!

  2. Hello BarbaraI let this information trveal true my mind to see if it stays and to see what it can brings me. It’s helpful to understand the cycles of 7 for some karmic themes also with your explanations with an example of your life. The theory makes a lot more sense with a personal example. My clay vessel is 26 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I have tried a number of dates to see the pattern of 7 and I saw one theme that meet this theory. It was not exact 7 years but around 7 and 3,5 years that the theme came back and had an important impact on my live.I see that this theory can help become aware on some aspects of your self in combinations with some themes. I was also curious with 21-12 + 7 days = 28 december. From an other source (I can’t remember what source it was) I read that 28-12 was an important day. Currently I’m making some new plans and work some things out to do understand what is next.Thank you Barbara for your posts!Greetings Erik

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